The draft of the Madelia Economic Resiliency Plan is ready for public review. The process started in January 2017 with an online community survey, a series of community engagement events and city council meetings. The draft document represents the culmination of all the public input and community effort.

Citizens are encouraged to review the document available by clicking the cover image on the right. The draft document can be downloaded and comments may be submitted directly to City Hall through September 24, 2018.  A hard copy of the draft can be made available upon request.

After public review, the draft will undergo a public hearing process and be considered by the Madelia City Council for adoption on September 24, 2018.

Questions and comments on the Madelia Economic Resiliency Plan can be directed to Madelia City Administrator, Jane Piepgras by phone at (507) 642-3245 or e-mail at

Madelia Economic Resiliency Plan Draft