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The Madelia Police Department is a community oriented police agency which is focused on the safety of its citizens and neighborhoods to provide excellent quality of life for all.  The Madelia Police Department is staffed by three full time police officers and additional part time officers under the direction of the Chief of Police.  The Madelia Police Department is a full service police department responsible for all criminal investigations, enforcement of Minnesota statutes, local ordinance enforcement, and animal control within the city limits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Police Policy Manual
Police Records Request Form

Permit and License Applications

ATV/Motorized Golf Carts

A permit is required to drive special and recreational motor vehicles within the City of Madelia. Permits may be obtained at Madelia City Hall and need to be renewed each year. All drivers of the vehicle must be 16 years of age or older and hold a valid Minnesota driver’s license. Proof of each individual’s license is required by the city as well as insurance for the vehicle. The cost for the permit is $35.00 for the first year; $25.00 for a renewal. A license plate will be provided upon completion of the application. This plate should be placed on the lower left hand side of the back of the vehicle. A slow-moving vehicle sign is also required for motorized golf carts. A link to the application is below.

Ordinance 70.252
Special and Recreational Motor Vehicle Application

Madelia Police Department
116 West Main Street
Madelia, MN 56062

Dial 911 for All Emergencies

Non-emergency contact:
(507) 642-3246

Rob Prescher – Chief
P: (507) 642-3246
F: (507) 642-8556

Travis Bottelson – Sergeant
P: (507) 642-3246

Colin Meadows – Officer
P: (507) 642-3246

Peddler’s Permit

Anyone who wishes to go door-to-door selling or delivering products must first register with the City of Madelia and the Madelia Police Department. There is no fee to register. A link to the application is below. Please stop by Madelia City Hall to drop off or pick up an application. Proof of identification and any documents regarding the products being sold are required by the city.

Ordinance 90.05
Peddlers Permit Application


Permit to Purchase / Transfer

Under Minnesota law, handgun transfers involve any sale, gift, loan, assignment or other delivery to another person. If you possess a valid Minnesota permit to carry a handgun, that permit constitutes a permit to purchase. You don’t need to apply for a separate permit to purchase.

Obtaining a Permit to Purchase/Transfer

Fill out a Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application/Receipt Permit to Purchase/Transfer. Submit the application to the Madelia Police Department. The law enforcement agency will conduct a series of background-related checks to assure you meet eligibility requirements established in state law.

Once those checks are complete, a one-year permit to purchase a handgun in Minnesota will be issued. If you are applying for a permit to transfer the law enforcement agency must notify you of its status within seven days of receipt.

Permit to Purchase /Transfer Application

Additional Information

For additional information, visit the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension website.