The City of Madelia works diligently to keep the applications and permits on this website up to date. However, all permits are subject to amendment. To ensure that no amendments have been made to these permits since their last posting, the City of Madelia asks anyone relying on these permits to visit City Hall for a hard copy of the permit that he or she is relying upon. Additionally, the City of Madelia shall not be responsible for any actions taken in reliance on out of date permits posted on this website.

Golf Cart/ATV License:

Special and Recreational Motor Vehicle Application
Special Vehicle Ordinance
Unpermitted Road Map

Zoning Permit:
Zoning Land Use Permit Application
Variance Application
Graph Paper

Animal License:
Animal License Application

Water Utility:
Utility Application for Service
Utility Business Application for Service
Auto Payment Authorization Form
Water Shut Off Request Form

Food Truck Application:
Food Truck Application
Food Truck Ordinance Chapter 114

Certificate of Assessment Request Form: