Hours of Operation

Monday through Wednesday - 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Thursday through Saturday – 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Managers - John C. Nelson & Joanie K. Helling

Email Address: MLS@madeliamn.com



Madelia Liquor Store History

The very first time the question of a municipal liquor store was brought to the citizens of Madelia was in 1947. The results were a vote of 325 for and 421 against

On December 7, 1948 the issue was again voted on. The initial verdict of the vote was 424 against with 419 votes for a municipal liquor store. However L.D. Russell of Madelia appealed this decision saying some of the voters were not qualified voters of the village of Madelia and that 25 absentee ballots received by the election judges and counted in the total vote did not comply with the absentee voter’s law.

In January of 1949 the appeal was heard at the district court by Hon. A.B. Gislason, Judge of District Court in New Ulm. L.D. Russell, and attorney C.A. Johnson appealed naming the Village of Madelia as Contestee. Percy Jose, intervened in the appeal for the purpose of defending the results of the election with Guy McCune as his attorney. Attorney C.J. Manahan appeared for the Village of Madelia.

Finally on June 10, 1949 the district court declared that the majority of voters had indeed voted for the license. Judge Gislason found that 25 absentee ballots cast at the election should not have been counted because the voters had not complied with the requirements of the absent voters law. The absentee ballots cast in the first precinct were by A.H. Martin, Ida Mae Crosby, Mary Nelson, Mary Ellingsberg, Mrs. A. Massey, Theo. R. Forstner, and John Jorgenson. In the second precinct Mrs. Kathryn Hillesheim, Mrs. Eva Randall, Marie Lawrence, Mrs. Frank Bolin, Mrs. H.A. Abbott, Mrs. Jennie Willness, Bessie McCarthy, Esther McCarthy, Anna E. Anderson, Mrs. Martha J. Colebank, Cordelia Tate, Emma Henderson and Ethel Kelsey cast absentee ballots.

Other ballots were also thrown out by the court because the ballot itself had identifying marks or the voter was not a resident of the precinct for 30 days.

With no appeal coming forth the Village Council voted on August 27, 1949 to establish a municipal liquor dispensary. The old fire hall has been selected as the location for the new store.

On September 9, 1949 Thos. E. Ramshaw was appointed by the Village Council as manager of the Municipal Liquor Dispensary. Mr. Ramshaw has spent most of his life in Madelia and is well known in the vicinity. For the past two years he has served as Village Assessor. Prior to that he owned and operated the Recreation Parlors. The dispensary will be open from 8am to 10pm each day for package sales only.

The liquor store officially opened for business in September of 1949. The Village Council appointed Joe Like assistant manager. Joe is a veteran of World War II and has been employed at the Jensen Product. Prior to that, he was associated with George Like in operating Like Brothers Produce.